Water Allocation Tools

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Information presented on this site with respect to any queried resource consent application does not describe and is not related to how any queried application relates to other resource consent applications that have been lodged with the Waikato Regional Council.

State of Environment

Understand the distribution and size of surface water takes impacting our rivers and streams by sector, month of the year, catchment and Iwi boundary.

Irrigation Area

Visualise the extent and growth of irrigation in the Waikato region over the past 40 years. Interactive ability to filter the irrigation consents by water source (groundwater or surface water), catchment boundary, Iwi boundary and by sector.

Lifespan Chart

The duration (commencement to expiry date) of water take consents in a catchment.

Water Allocation Levels

Find out how much surface water allocation pressure there is compared to the allocation limits set for the region's rivers and streams. The impact of an individual consent and the aggregate of all consents is presented.